TELEPHONE NETWORK PROBLEMS!! January 13, 2019 Try placing your call from another phone. In the process of porting my business phone service from Ooma to Spectrum, something went wrong with the routing setup. Many calls go through no problem,.but calls placed from an Ooma phone do not! There is also a report that calls placed from an AT&T phone receive a message “Service not authorized.” I have the big guns working on this and thank you for your patience. Don


Don’s does not discriminate and never has based on creed, race, national origin, sexual preference or gender identity!

Sad to have to say the above in the year 2018

EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: Smoke Machine Leak Detector, TWO automated AC Machines

We now have a third special AC machine dedicated to Toyota Prius & Honda hybrid

Several computer scanners — Including with Honda & Toyota factory software

Don’s Automotive was a “Silver Arrow” business partner of Ecology Action of Texas, now closed.

We recycle everything we possibly can.

Don’s Automotive is proud to support Mobile Loaves and Fishes — a superb organization!

* To best serve you and minimize turn-around time we work by appointment. Your after-hours call WILL be returned.

* Voicemail is ALWAYS on when we are closed. Calls are checked frequently over the weekend and returned as quickly as possible. We want to do all we can to help our valuable clients through any emergency, so PLEASE leave a message.