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Try placing your call from another phone.  In the process of porting my business phone service from Ooma to Spectrum, something went wrong with the routing setup.  Many calls go through no problem,.but calls placed from an Ooma phone do not!  There is also a report that calls placed from an AT&T phone receive a message “Service not authorized.”  I have the big guns working on this and thank you for your patience.     Don

I have been WAY behind the times — AMEX is now no problem.

For as long as I can remember AMEX fees to the merchant were exorbitant so I discouraged or outright refused to take the card.  Reviewing my CC processing fees  I find AMEX is now pretty much in line with all the others.  While it is inevitable that some car repairs will be expensive and we can only do so much about that, no need to be inflexible about method of payment!  Bring your AMEX card!