Monthly Archives: July 2020




* I don’t get to see this in person because our VERY CAPABLE office manager, Jimmy has banned me from the premises while the shop is open due to my age 74 and past cardiac arrest risk factors. However, the security cameras tell me our clients are compliant with mask, sanitation and social distance protocols. THANK YOU! We have kick-ass wi-fi and I wish our waiting room was available again for the occasional circumstance where “while-you-wait” is viable. Someday….


* Don’s Automotive has been proactive with rules to minimize risk long before any directives from our politicians. We have sanitizer, we have masks for the asking.


* Because I have been banned from public exposure I can not fill in for Jimmy on Friday and hours are 8:00- 6:30 Mon. – Thurs. at this time. Look forward to going back to 5 days/week with the men working four 11 hr. approx. days staggered as we did pre-Covid. Don’t forget to leave a voice message when we are closed as support and appointment setting will be available.


* If you believe wearing a mask is an infringement of your freedom, your are objecting to an infringment of your freedom to facilitate the spread of this horrible virus. You are welcome at Don’s Automotive regardless but safety protocols are non-negotiable.


* I am afraid we are in for a long haul. All we can do is be patient and consider the health of everybody. I have two family members who have survived Covid, but months later still have significant health issues.


* Again, I can not stress too much: THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION AND STAY SAFE!


* Donald Lewis, ornery owner.