Banked Track Rollerderby is fixing to get serious!

8-21-11 —

This morning I went to the veloway to start accruing the 100 miles I try to get in every week on the seat of a bicycle. I ran into Dawna Destruction of the Cherry Bombs and had a nice chat. About the time she left several members of the Rhinestone Cowgirls showed up to skate a few laps and we had a nice visit. So, that reminds me to remind you…..Saturday 7:00 PM at the Palmer Events Center we have the Cherry Bombs vs. the Rhinestone Cowgirls. These are currently the two top teams in the league — both undefeated so far this season, the Cherry Bombs undefeated last season as well. The winner of this upcoming bout goes straight to the championship bout, the loser has to play the #3 team — the Putas del Fuego — to go to the championship. Having sponsored the Cherry Bombs for the last few years I have my bias, but really this one is too close to call. If you go and find the bout boring, I will personally reimburse you for your ticket! I have made this offer before — no takers yet! If you can’t make this one, the playoff and championship bouts are in October.

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