Gabrielle Nestande

I feel too strongly about this to say nothing. Ms. Nestande thought someone through a rock at her windshield, she thought she hit a deer, she was scared because the BMW daddy bought her got a booboo, she “knew what happened,” but didn’t see the blood, flesh and clothing on the windshield, she will never drink again, but drinking apparently had nothing to do with the “accident” because she was “ok to drive”….and etc. It makes me physically ill to think about it. Had I been on the jury I would have held out for guilty on all three counts come hell or high water.

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  1. Bob says:

    2022 – Gabrielle Nestande is still a murderer, convict, liar, walking free and still getting drunk…. just like her Dad.
    “Bruce Nestande has had traffic troubles of his own, including a 1997 drunken-driving conviction and a 2007 guilty plea to misdemeanor driving under the influence and hit-and-run. Authorities said he hit a parked car near his Lido Isle home.”
    Goes to show if you have money you can get away with murder!!!!

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