Rollerderby one week from today

We have the Holy Rollers (sponsored by Don’s Automotive) vs. the Rhinestone Cowgirls. These are teams in TXRD, which is the banked track league in Austin. We also have a fine flat track league — Texas Rollergirls. As their sponsor, I wish the Holy Rollers the best, but don’t have high hopes for them at this bout. A lot of their players retired recently. They placed well enough last season that they didn’t get first choice drafting new girls. The word is Kategory 5, captain and easily one of the league’s top 5 jammers, has been seriously cracking the whip training the Rhinestone Cowgirls and they will be very hard to beat this year. Sunday, Feb 20th @ Palmer Auditorium. Parking is easy, show starts at 7:00, out by about 10:00. Be advised many TXRD bouts sell out these days, so you had best buy tickets ahead! Come say hello to me, Tony, Brandon, Torf and whoever at VIP seating. Tony and Brandon from Don’s Automotive are valuable track setup and maintenance workers, as is our family friend Julio. Hard core brutal competition with a healthy dose of Austin weirdness.

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