YEAH!!! Its been a good season so far despite the fact that the two TXRD teams that Don’s Automotive sponsors don’t look good for the championship this year. The Rhinestone Cowgirls have a captain that goes by the track name of “Kategory 5.” She is a former speed skater from Norway and lightning fast and nimble. But a superstar skater can’t score her team points without the team being there to help her through the pack and block the opposing jammer. The word is she has had her team on an extreme training regimen with no down-time since last season. It sure looks like it. They beat the Putas Del Fuego by 16 points Saturday night and are probably on a fast track to the season championship.

On July 23rd the Cherry Bombs — proudly sponsored by Don’s Automotive for the last few years — play the Hellcats at Palmer Events Center. The two teams should be about evenly matched, so expect a real nail-biter. Starts at 7:00, over before 10:00. If you find it boring just let me know and I will reimburse your price of admission!

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